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Block Party

1.) Every 1 minute for 8 minutes: 1 x Power Clean

  • 185: working on form.

2.) Work up to a 1RM Front Squat

  • 5x 135
  • 4 x 185
  • 3 x 195
  • 2 x 205
  • 1 x 215
  • work up to 1RM..
  • 1 x 235

I haven’t lifted in forever so I’m stoked with that lift.


  • 10…1 reps Russian KB swings [53]
  • 1…10 reps pull ups

TIME: 10:00

My pull-ups are what killed this one. I haven’t been doing those at all. I’m pleased with how I did, but so much slower than previous attempts.

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